I grew up in West Virginia, I love the mountains and miss them every day. I graduated from WVU with a bachelor's in business management, history and sustainability. I spent a few years traveling while living in a camper and eventually ended up in Ohio.
I picked up a camera to get cute shots of my two little boys, it turned into a passion of mine which evolved into a career. I love the chaos that comes with being a parent and the outlet for my artistic side that comes with being a photographer. 

"Let all that you do, be done in love"

I've always been creative, but it wasn't until after I had kids that i realized how much i truly love photography. That's when i found out what i was meant to do. 

A little more about me

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of my favorite things

These are a few

I know I have a client closet filled with the most beautiful gowns for you to wear during your session, and I may get dressed up for my own photos, but I will always show up to a session in either leggings or sweats and a white tee or hoodie. I'm all about comfort as a general rule, but especially during a session.
I'm there to capture the magic between your family, letting your personalities shine through so you can have these moments preserved forever. Plus, I’m going to end up tripping over rocks or my own two feet, laying on the ground and jumping around to get your kids to smile.
But when it comes to my clients, I love to go to overboard. I have such a passion for styling you guys and the styling is like the sprinkles on the cake — The cake is great by itself, but the sprinkles make it art. 

Just so you know - I am not a fancy person.

30.54056°N 103.83722°W